Join our membership today and become our priority

Become a member of Chidori today to enjoy exclusive offers for Chidori's family members. Let Chidori's staff know your phone number when you come to store next time and you're immediately a member of Chidori family.

When your member account reaches 2000 points (equivalent to 2.000.00VND in total accumulation), a dedicated “Priority” card is yours.

Special offers for “Priority” card:

  • 10% discount, always
  • 20% discount for Happy Hour (4pm- 6pm)
  • Free extra 1 hour when using combo
  • Choose your own place in the store
  • 50% off and free 1 item on your birthday
  • And many other offers during holidays (New Year, Valentine, 8/3,...)

We can't wait to see you in our family. Visit Chidori to earn points now!

  • IMPORTANT If you are accumulating points on a paper card, please bring it to the store to use the new system. Each tick is equivalent to 100 points. If you have accumulated 10 combos on paper card, please contact us to receive "Priority" card
  • Discount does not apply for other promotions
  • The card is valid forever