Chidori Vo Oanh

  • Address

    66 Vo Oanh, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Opening hours

  • Store phone

    0986 358 307
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Chidori Vo Oanh, with many unique color accents, creates a difference through design, hoping to give you diverse experiences in one place.

The interaction between the subtle warmth of wood and the striking red color brings a relaxing but not boring feeling, serving both as a rest stop and a place to nurture new and creative ideas.

In that spirit, the space of Chidori Vo Oanh also meets all needs of modern life: resting, working, connecting with others, and even spending time with oneself.

Spaces at this store

    Coffee in Bed

    Suitable when you quickly need to regenerate energy, work in a quiet private space, and spend private time with loved ones.

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    Meeting Room

    Suitable when you need a large space to organize workshops or internal events.

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    Café Space

    Suitable when you need a resting place, an open space to chat with friends, or need to focus on work.

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What’s special at Chidori Vo Oanh?

Space filled with light

Large windows open up to a spacious and green space, utilizing natural light bringing a sense of energy and comfort.

Prominent small bird nest design

A cozy nest for resting birds, Chidori wants to spread abundant energy through the prominent red color.

Ideal space for organizing workshops

Accommodating up to 30 people and flexibly equipped according to each need, suitable for organizing meaningful workshops and DIY sessions.