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Meeting Room

The dynamic life creates many styles and trends of diverse and freer working. Café spaces combined with working bring a feeling of freedom and closeness chosen by many young people for working sessions, meetings, group studies. The Meeting Room is spacious, quiet, and equipped with necessary items such as paper, pens, projectors suitable for meetings, organizing workshops, internal events.

To use The Meeting Room, you can book a full package at 100,000/person, including:

  • 3 hours of space usage
  • 1 drink/pastry of any choice from the menu
  • Free cold brew tea/bottled water

After 3 hours, Chidori will charge an additional 50,000/person/hour if you wish to continue using the space.

For larger groups, Chidori can provide additional support:

  • Snack/Cookies
  • Paper, pens
  • Projector

You can also email Chidori at, or message the Chidori fanpage if you need more support.

Space amenities

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Projector (free for groups >15 people)
  • Wifi
  • Power outlet
  • Free bottled water, iced tea

Suitable space for

  • Meetings, internal events

  • Workshops, pop-up stores

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