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Enjoy a short in-town vacation with Japanese standard service at the cost of just a cup of coffee

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At Chidori, you always have your own space

In the hustle and bustle of the city, personal space has become more luxurious. Chidori is not only a peaceful retreat for moments of rest, a quiet spot to get work done, but it's also where you can ignite love, foster friendships, and create memorable memories.

To reserve your own little corner at Chidori...

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    Choose your favorite space

    Chidori has many space types designed for different needs and privacy levels.

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    Book the space for your “hideaway"

    Whether you're just taking a quick nap in the afternoon, or looking to escape the whole day, Chidori has just the perfect combo for you.

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    Savor delicious pastries and fine tea

    All tea leaves used at Chidori (Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha) are selected and imported directly from long-standing Japanese tea farms, maintaining the original flavor that has lasted for 1000 years.

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    Experience Japanese standard service

    Applying the Japanese Omotenashi philosophy, Chidori provides service with sincerity, caring for subtle things, so customers feel welcomed beyond expectations.

Spaces at Chidori

However much privacy you need, Chidori has just the right space for it!


Café Space

Café Space is a shared space, unlimited usage time at all Chidori stores. Like a familiar coffee corner for your meetups with friends.

  • Dating with friends

  • Unlimited time usage


Meeting Room

Meeting Room are spacious, quiet meeting rooms, fully equipped for meetings, internal events, workshops, or small exhibitions.

  • Meetings, internal events

  • Workshops, pop-up stores


Level Seat

Level Seat is a semi-private space with open partitions and light from green windows, suitable when you seek enough privacy but also a spacious and cozy atmosphere.

  • Groups of 3-5 people

  • Comfortable leaning back resting full of light


Coffee in Bed

Coffee in Bed are cute, cozy, relatively private, and fully equipped "mini rooms".

  • Quick energy regeneration

  • Work in a quiet private space

  • Private time with loved ones


Private Room

Private Room is a completely private café combined with accommodation, without cameras, designed as studio rooms, suitable for spending time dating your other half.

  • Day-stay services

  • Private coffee for the family

Our friends at Chidori

We appreciate you coming and cherish these moments at Chidori

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Chidori deeply values our loyal customers, who have consistently supported and journeyed with us over time.. Aspiring to deliver greater value to you each day, Chidori has upgraded our member points accumulation program. So that you can receive more benefits and special privileges each time you use our services.

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